To Øl – Sort Mælk

To Øl – Sort Mælk


This Russian Imperial Stout will knock your socks off.

The first time I tried it, I definitely noticed how unique it was but perhaps wasn’t in the mood for such an aggressive flavor. I appreciated this beer so much more the second time around because I knew what to expect. I love it for the smokiness of the scotch barrels that this milk stout is aged in. It has a high SRM, it’s super dark, and it has a very cool roasty, boozy, vanilla taste.

I think this is one of those stouts that puts a little hair on your chest.  A great beer for the winter.  Must stock up!

Drinking: To Øl, Sort Maelk Imperial Milk Stout Aged in Scotch Oak Barrels. Ellon, Scotland.

Wearing: American Apparel Tri-Blend Short Sleeve Track Shirt, $22.

Epic Brewing Co. – Big Bad Baptist Imperial Stout


“If you buy one beer from Epic, it has to be Big Bad….uh, something. Big Bad Something,” were the wise words from a coworker when I came back from vacation.  Luckily, I did bring home this faaaantastic stout flavored with cocoa nibs and coffee.  It’s aged in whiskey barrels and is 11.5% AVB.

Epic Brewing Company is based out of Utah but they opened a cool Tap Room/Brew Pub in Denver.  We tried some barrel aged sours but this one stole the show.  A ton of coffee. A ton of chocolate.  Soon they are releasing Son of a Baptist which is brewed with different regional coffees.  The only thing I was disappointed in was myself for not bringing home a few more.

Drinking: Epic Brewing Company, Big Bad Baptist. Salt Lake City, UT.

Wearing: Courier Shirt in Orsa Print by Madewell $69.

Mother’s Brewing Company – Winter Grind


It’s the last post of the year and I’m off to Colorado for New Year’s Eve. I opened this coffee stout to sip on while putzing around in my robe (and avoiding packing my suitcase).

While I was a stoked for a coffee stout, it was a wee bit thinner than I had hoped. It kind of looked like I was pouring watery Dr. Pepper into a glass but I failed to see that it was only 6% ABV soooo….

On the bright side, it did not dumb down the coffee flavor.  While I was a little disappointed in the richness of the booze, I think it is a fine beer for only 6%. I think if you’re into iced coffee, this is probably a good choice.

Drinking: Mother’s Brewing Company Winter Grind, Springfield MO, 6% ABV

Wearing: Spell & The Gypsy Collective Kimono (sold out but click for website)

Evil Twin – Yin


Evil Twin made a Yin beer and a Yang beer to be enjoyed on their own or together in a black-and-tan-eque cocktail.

The Yin was great! It has a malty and chocolatey taste and I served it 10-15 minutes after I removed it from the fridge. I don’t think stouts need to be super cold…

Drinking: Evil Twin Yin Imperial Stout, Brooklyn NY

Wearing: Jeffrey Campbell Litas from Urban Outfitters, $110

Christmas Bomb

Christmas Bomb


It’s the first day of December and I can’t think of a more perfect beer to celebrate. It’s officially stout season and this one finishes like a gingerbread cookie with 11% ABV. So into it.  We just made it through the first ice storm of the season and I might need to pick more up before the next one.

Drinking: 2015 Christmas Bomb by Prairie Artisan Ales. Tulsa, OK.

Wearing: Women’s Boyfriend Plaid Flannel Shirt by Old Navy, $30.