New Belgium Brewing Co. – Voodoo Ranger IPA


Stone Brewing Co. and New Belgium Brewing Co. arrived in Oklahoma this week.  It’s really exciting since we are probably, what, the 48th or 49th state to get them?

Voodoo Ranger?  I’m in tropical heaven with this one.  Plus I like the name. 7% ABV.

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Roughtail Brewing Co. – Everything Rhymes with Orange


It’s not everyday you can find ERWO in the liquor store.  It pours hazy, smells citrusy, and finishes with a mildly bitter taste.  Well, mild for Roughtail.  They love hops. It’s definitely still tastes like an IPA. And to top it off, I assumed there Mosaic (my favorite hop strain) was used…and, according to their website, I was totally right. It was a small victory for my confidence in beer tasting.

The Roughtail guys are great dudes and are based out of Midwest City, OK.  I think they distribute in Kansas but I’m not sure if they’ve expanded elsewhere yet.

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Firestone Walker Brewing Co. – Wookey Jack and Bretta Rose


These are the first and only beers I’ve tried from the legendary Firestone Walker.  And I am such a huge fan already.

  1. God dang. Bretta Rose slayed. Its a Berliner Weisse-style (their words not mine) aged in French oak barrels.  They added 1000 pounds of raspberries for a second fermentation. It’s tart, bubbly, funky, fruity, and pink.  Bow down to this beer.
  2. Wookey Jack is a black rye IPA so you look at it and think it’s going to be malty and thick like a porter but no, it’s dry-hopped with Citra and Amarillo hops.  A dark, hoppy confusing but tasty beer. It’s like an IPA ate a piece of that dark table bread at Outback Steakhouse…if that makes any sense.

Currently wearing a very old blouse I found in TJMaxx.  Sorry I don’t have much info.

Odell Brewing Company – Tree Shaker Imperial Peach IPA


You guys.  This is one is great and made with Colorado peaches.  It’s citrusy and barely sweet but moderately hoppy (48 IBUs) and refreshing like you want your IPA. You can read about the hazy look this beer has here, they call it a “chill haze”. I wish we got these in Oklahoma.

A word on my outfit:  Shorteralls! They are genius for beer festivals (so many pockets), they protect you from splashes, and they are pretty asexual.  A sweet sales rep in the OKC Madewell store talked me into paring them with the crop top and I’ve worn this outfit 3 times now. I’m so happy that overalls are publicly acceptable right now.  I need to get my $115 worth of wear out of them (I didn’t get them when they were on sale dammit).

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Cedar Creek Brewery – Dankosaurus


Hands down. This is my favorite IPA besides the COOP Ale Works F5.

It’s a juicy, hoppy, west coast style IPA with lots of tropical notes. The bartender who served me my first Dankosaurus raved about how much it smelled like weed.  Perhaps I’m immune to the smell because I work in a brewery (or perhaps I listened to too much Phish in college) but it just smelled like a super fresh IPA to me. Nothing skunky. One of the most delightful IPAs I’ve ever had. BUY SOME.

Drinking: Dankosaurus by Cedar Creek Brewery. Seven Points, TX.

Wearing: Crop Top and Faux Suede Mini Skirt by Forever21.

Evil Twin – Yang



The mate to the Yin stout is the Yang Imperial (or double) IPA.  I tried them both separately and then combined them to make a black & tan as instructed by the label.  The Yang was, as expected, super bitter and you could tell it was a 10% beer. I was responsible and shared this one with a friend. The black & tan wasn’t a bad idea and it took the hop sting off the IPA.

Overall, I enjoyed the stout more but the Yin & Yang idea was a super cool marketing concept.  Big fan of Evil Twin’s branding in general.

Drinking: Evil Twin Yang Imperial IPA, Brooklyn NY

Wearing: Truly Madly Deeply V-Neck Slouch Pocket Tee from Urban Outfitters, $24