My Three Favorite Subscriptions


Are you a homebody like me?  Subscriptions make it so I never have to leave my house ha!  It’s especially nice when I leave the office around 5pm and it’s already dark.  No one wants to run errands in the dark (and not to mention cold weather).

Scentbird perfume is a really cool service that sends you a new fragrance insert each month.  This month’s fragrance is euphoria by Calvin Klein with notes of pomegranate, black orchid, cream, amber, and violet!


Freshly is incredible and their customer service is ON IT.  I’m signed on for the 6 meals per week and they are very filling, packed with protein, and fairly healthy.  They aren’t Lean Cuisines, if you’re looking for a weight loss tool.  They are just delicious, healthy meals without artificial preservatives and other junk you don’t want in your food.  The service saves me so much time and I really like their menu.  Pictured are the cod cakes but I think my favorite is the Three Bean Turkey Chili. Don’t worry!  They have vegetarian options too.  The penne pasta with veggies is bomb. There’s also a southwestern bowl floating around.  I need to try that one next. Let me know if you want a $20 discount!


OMG. Last but not least is the Book of the Month Club.  I’ve been pretty happy every month and the books are only $10.   It’s great for fiction fans and keeps you accountable for meeting your reading goals whether its a book a month or more.

Oui Fresh – Daisy Sunnies


I don’t think you can find happier sunglasses.  These guys are the  Oui Fresh Daisy Sunglasses in White Lightning.  They’re only $32 and made by the gals of the very first DIY and “lifestyle” blog I ever followed, A Beautiful Mess.

Side note:  Currently trying to get through The Power by Naomi Alderman.  It’s about women simultaneously developing the power to generate electricity with their bodies and they begin to weaponize it.  I thought it would be a really fun, timely book as the world of creepy men is slowing collapsing but it’s proven to be tough to get through.  Halfway into it, one of the main characters starts to think of herself as Christ-like and I have this sense of dread that the ending isn’t going to be some glorious matriarchal society.  I’m afraid it’s going to be a lesson of “absolute power absolutely corrupts”.  Have you read it?

Roughtail Brewing Co. – E-Juice!


It almost looks like fruit punch but this is actually a fruit IPA!  Just arriving at liquor stores in OKC, E-Juice is another exciting beer from Roughtail Brewing Co.   If you had their mango version of Adaptation last year, you’re going to love this one.   Very hoppy.  Very juicy and fruit-forward (they used over 600 pounds of blueberry, blackberry, and boysenberry puree) but it’s not sugary-sweet.  They did a great job!

Skinesque – Three Step Brightening+ Charcoal Mask


This was my favorite part of The Zoe Report – Fall 2017 Box of Style.  There were actually 5 Skinesque facial kits included but obviously I had to use a couple right away.  They’re formulated without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oil, and synthetic dyes and they’re cruelty-free.

Included in each facial: gentle foaming cleanser, Hydra+ Essence serum, and a brightening face mask.  This shit works. After 15 minutes, I took the mask off and really did have glowing, moisturizing skin.  I topped it off with Beautycounter eye cream and their No. 1 Brightening face oil.  Truly worth the time and money.

As a 30-year old, I’m very conscious about my skin’s appearance (and it doesn’t help that my husband is still in his 20’s).  I abide by the philosophy that if you spend more time (and money) on your skincare, you won’t have to worry about what kind or how much makeup you use.  After this at-home facial, all I needed before going out to dinner was under-eye concealer, mascara, and bronzer.

Your makeup won't-3




A Very Cool Wedding Present – Brewery in a Box by Northern Brewer


I’m sitting here drinking bourbon…because my beer is still fermenting!

My uncle and cousin really knocked it out of the park with this wedding present.  On Sunday, Carter and I brewed our first beer, an IPA, and I have to say it was extremely easy with the Northern Brewer Home Brew Kit.  And by easy, I meant self-explanatory. I didn’t say it was without about 30 steps and a lot of measuring and sanitizing, but it was easy to understand and the kit literally has everything you could possibly need in it sans a kettle.  We didn’t have a stock pot large enough to mash in, so we just divided the hot-side ingredients between two big pasta pots.  But that was fine!

I’ll pick one of those up when our next beer recipe kit arrives.  I bet it’s a stout; it’s starting to become stout-weather outside…


Praire Artisan Ales – No Chill


No chill.  Just like your mom who keeps asking if you’ve sent out all of your “Thank You” notes less than one month after your wedding.

This beer is good, by the way.  This milk stout is better and more interesting than Left Hand’s and it’s made just a few hours away.

Also…I finally cut off those claws after Halloween.  It was such a sad feeling but it’s liberating to be able to use a keyboard again…

Russian River Brewing Company – Pliny the Elder


So I got married last Saturday.  Everyone please say hello to Mr. Still.   We feel incredibly grateful to have been showered with such love and generosity.

Our buddy Julian smuggled the King of IPAs, Pliny the Elder, to Oklahoma and gifted us a bottle just a couple of nights before the wedding.  On Sunday, we toasted to our marriage with a world-class double India Pale Ale and loved every minute of it.

I thought it was incredibly smooth for a double and as hoppy as it should be.  It lived up to the hype.  It’s not overrated.  It’s perfect.

ABV: 8%